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English Pronunciation Help

With the help of a native or proficient English speaker, practice these sets of words that represent common English pronunciation problems. At the bottom of the page are some good sentences for pronunciation practice, but be careful: Tongue twisters can be fun, but if it is difficult for most native speakers to say, it may not be a good tool for you to use as an English learner.


Word pairs for pronunciation in English:


It and eat

His, he’s

Fit, feet

Slip, sleep

Will, wheel

Pick, peak

Riches, reaches


Bed and Bid

Better, bitter


Wet, wit

Slept, slipped

Pen, pin

Peck, pick


Met and mate

Pen, pain

Tell, tale

Red, raid

Fell, fail

West, waste

Letter, later


Cot and Coat

On, own

Clock, cloak

Bat, boat

Lad, load

Not, note

Glob, globe


Sat and set

Bad, bed

Man, men

Shall, shell

Cattle, kettle

Batter, better

Axe, ex


B and V



Curb, curve

Serb, serve

Rebel, revel

Dribble, drivel


B and P

Big, pig

Bear, pair

Cab, cap

Bro, pro

Bond, pond

Nab, nap


L and R

Light, right

Glass, grass

Alive, arrive

Clack, crack

Polling, pouring

Coals, course


C and “sh” (as in “she”)

Seat, sheet

Sort, short

Lease, leash

Saver, shaver

Sue, shoe

Stick, shtick


F and V

Fat, vat

Leaf, leave

Proof, pove

Duff, dove

Define, divine

Belief, believe


S and “th” (as in “thin”)

Sing, thing

Sick, thick

Moss, moth

Force, fourth

Worse, worth

Truce, truth


Z and “th” (as in “this”)

Zen, then

Zot, thought

Breeze, breathe

Seize, seeth

Teasing, teething


Sentences for practice:

My thirsty friend brought drinks Thursday.

I regret letting him hit me.

Whether the weather is cold or whether the weather is hot, we’ll be together whatever the weather, whether we like it or not.

All I want is a proper cup of coffee, made in a proper copper coffee pot.

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