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Teaching Resources

Dr. Emily Landon, “A Sacrifice That Can Make Thousands of Differences”

Before Watching: In a persuasive speech about health promotion, what kind of support is necessary for the argument?¬† Beyond facts, […]

Academic Word Bank Exercise

This exercise is meant to daily increase your ability to use more advanced English words, especially in an academic setting. […]

Audience Analysis Exercise

Components: Page of audience types. Cut these out and put them all into a bag or box for students to […]

Other Exercises and Materials

The following exercises are beneficial to developing students’ skills of self-reflection, criticism, and topic development. If you would like to […]

Impromptu Speech Topics

The following list contains neutral questions for impromptu speaking. These items can be chosen at random or used systematically in […]

Topics & Materials

In this section, we provide a list of common impromptu speech topics and skill-building exercises that can be used in […]

Collaborative Group Work

Collaborative groups can be difficult to cultivate in a classroom, but students benefit from knowing what roles and behaviors make […]

Socratic Seminar

A¬†socratic seminar can take different forms from class to class, but each resembles the following basic structure: A small group […]

Group Speeches

Collaborative learning can help increase students’ satisfaction with class tasks and help them internalize class material more effectively by pairing […]

Teaching Resources

In this section of the TOPS website, you will find tips, examples, and plans for the effective teaching of public […]